Hannah is owned by Hanania Botha who started her career in fashion and was a full-time international model from the age of 15 working in Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Athens. She has a background in marketing, event management as well as a law degree, but the creative blood inside her got the upper hand when she decided to start this boutique business.

Why the name hannah: "Hannah was the obvious choice when choosing a name for the business as it was the name of my late grandmother who was a strong, dynamic woman and an amazing artist. "

At hannah everything is about the journey and the joy that we can bring to your event, wedding, or special occasion.

We love flowers, people and celebrations. Our team has years’ experience in the floral and event industry and we take pride in creating luxury floral features with various flower mediums. This is our gift to you and we want to bless you with creations that will leave you speechless and in awe.